Welcome to the Kosher Grocery Rewards Points Programme

We value our customers and are always looking for ways show them this appreciation. Our kosher rewards loyalty program is one of the ways we can thank you for your commitment to our business. Now every time you shop with us, you can earn kosher grocery reward points which can be exchanged for future discounts and savings.
Earn Points
Every £1 you spend on our site you will earn 1 Kosher Reward Point. Occasionally we will run points promotions where you will earn more then 1 point per £1 spent and other times we may limit the amount of points being earned due to discounting the price or any other reason. If this is the case, this will be marked clearly on the product page.
Spend Points
Points will be available to be spent on our Home & Entertainment department at the rate of discounting 1p per 1 Kosher Reward Point being spent. The maximum value you will be able to discount is 50% of the item, unless specified differently.
Please note the rewards points programme is a promotional offer only and the actual cash value of a point is 0.000001p.