Meat & Poultry

How we charge for meat and poultry
Our meat and poultry is charged separately to the rest of your order once the items have been weighed, packaged and delivered to your door.

Each item is priced differently depending on weight. You will find the price per kilo listed against each item below and the average weight of the items in stock.


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  1. Lewco Pak Whole Chicken
  2. Frohweins Beef Burgers
  3. Frohweins Marrow Infused Premium Beef Burgers
  4. Frohweins Premium Lamb Burgers
  5. Frohweins Lamb chops
  6. Frohweins Chicken Sausages
  7. Frohweins Beef Sausages
  8. Lewco Pak Chicken Sausages
  9. Lewco Pak Beef Sausages
  10. Lewco Pak Chicken Cocktail Sausages
  11. IQF Emess Mehadrin Chicken Drumsticks - Avg 1.3 Kg £8.70/Kg
  12. Emess Mehadrin Chicken Mince - Avg 1 Kg £10.06/Kg
  13. Emess Mehadrin Chicken Carcass - Avg 1.2 Kg £3.44/Kg
  14. Lewco Pak Beef Cocktail Sausages
  15. Choice Cusine Fairy Steaks avg 450g 14.57 per kg
  16. Choice Cusine Prime Bola Steak avg 450g 12.14 per kg
  17. Choice Cusine Rib Steak avg 500g 24.13 per kg
  18. Choice Cusine Chuck Steak avg 550g 12.14 per kg
  19. Choice Cusine Chulent Meat (avg 500g 10.71 per kg)
  20. Choice Cusine Stir Fry avg 450g 12.14 per kg
  21. Choice Cusine Goulash Meat avg 450g 12.14 per kg
  22. Choice Cusine Top Rib Roast avg 1Kg 12.14 per kg
  23. Choice Cusine Rib Eye Joint avg 1.8kg 24.14 per kg
  24. Choice Cusine Side Bola Joint avg 1.5Kg 14.14 per kg
  25. Frohweins Merguez Sausages
  26. Choice Cusine Prime Bola Joint avg 1.3 kg 12.86 per kg
  27. Choice Cusine Pickled Brisket avg 1.8 kg 12.86 per kg
  28. Choice Cusine Tongue Pickled  13.00 per kg
  29. Frohweins Lamb Sausages
  30. Lewco Pak IQF Chicken Wings
  31. Lewco Pak IQF Chicken Thighs
  32. Lewco Pak IQF Chicken Breast Fillets
  33. Lewco Pak IQF Part Boned Chicken Breasts
  34. Lewco Pak IQF Chicken Legs Quarters

47 Items

Products per page
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