Summer Holidays 2020 Update

Please read this before placing your Smmer holiday order.

Please note, this notice is for new customers to the site or for customers who don't order out of London throughout the year . Any customer who uses our courier service during the year, will receive the same service during August including the ability to order fridge / freezer items and the usual delivery service and charges will apply.

We hope this will answer any questions you have. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.


  • Where do we deliver to during the holidays?

We deliver across the Uk & the whole of Europe excluding Switzerland.


  • How much does a parcel cost and what is the size of a box:

During August, we will be charging £7.50 a box for delivery to the Uk mainland and £17.50 a box to E.u. The boxes we use for holiday orders are lager than the boxes we use during the year. Although it’s impossible to calculate exactly as it depends on the type of products for volume and weight, on average a box usually contains between £110 - £130 worth of groceries. Although you may get charged a different figure or even given free delivery by checkout, you will be charged late the above price based on the amount of boxes your order contains.  


  • Which days of the week can you deliver in the Uk:

We can dispatch parcels from our warehouse on Monday – Friday. We use next day delivery option across the Uk mainland. If it is dispatched on Friday, it should be delivered on Monday. On the morning of your delivery, you should receive a text with a two-hour delivery time slot.


  • Which days can you deliver to the Eu:

Due to the parcel moving through several countries and several courier companies, we are unable to give a fixed time how long delivery will take. The estimated delivery time is between 2 – 4 work days. We are able to dispatch the parcels Mon - Fri. However, on occasion this has been quicker and if there are any delays (for example at the tunnel) it can take longer. Due to the nature of the courier companies, unfortunately we are unable to take any responsibility and any customer ordering to Eu understands and accepts this.


  • What can I order and are there any items on the site that I can’t order.

Due to the large volumes of order we receive during the holidays, we are unable to deliver any fridge or freezer items. This is because we pack the orders a few days before dispatch as otherwise we would be unable to cope with the large volume of orders. We are also unable to send any drinks, any large bottles of grape juice or wine and eggs. We are able to dispatch the 750ml and 1 ltr bottles of grape juice and wines. Although the bread & pita is sold as frozen on our site, it will be dispatched as fresh. This means, if you order bread or pita and choose Friday dispatch for Uk, your bread will not be fresh. The same goes if you order bread for delivery to Europe, the bread will not be fresh.